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Lol Mathew

"This nicely demonstrates how your arguments are outside of the current reality. I show how a simple policy change could make FTTN faster thatn FTTP. You respond with an option which requires upgrading all GPONs in FTTP. The point of the FTTN / FTTP comparision is to show how the best technology can be hamstrung by poor policy choices."

Lol outside current reality like you trying to compare a no tier fttn vs a tier average fttp. Your average point is going off a combined fttb and fttn average. but then in reality not everyone will even be lucky to see half the speeds your claiming lol.

"Fibre fanboi FUD. If this was happening in the real world then you would see articles about it everywhere, instead we see that people are reporting speeds of 80Mbps and higher on FTTN. When > 80% are selecting speeds easily supported by FTTN you need to come up with an argument to convince the 80%."

Well if you care to look at nbn documents that what it states. As you so nicely put it. Fttn just need to hit PIR of 25Mbps for 1 second in a day. That include if your paying for 100Mbps vs fttp PIR 100Mbps for 1 second on 100Mbps. That's why you see for FTTP 100Mbps while for FTTN 25-100Mbps. But please try again copper fanboi.

Oh people are reporting 80Mbps. Yet Telstra had to more people down speed teirs because they counldnt get above 50Mbps let alone 80Mbps.

"I'm asking you to stop behaving like a spoilt kid and think about how to fix the NBN. The books need to be balanced which means if CVC revenue is lowered then either cost savings need to be found or AVC revenue has to rise. You could argue that as a nation building project it should be subsidised by the government but when >80% would receive neglible benefit from the subsidy because their speed wouldn't increase then"

Lol a spoiled kids. Really. All you do is bash labor fttp 1% on 1Gbps by 2026 crap lol. You don't even try to fix it.

"If you had worked through the example I provided what you would have discovered is that for customers on 1Gbps speed tier would complete the download before the second customer starts, whereas when the 12Mbps speed limit is imposed, the 9th customer causes congestion because the first customer hasn't completed their download."

Oh so now your example they take turns lol pitty that doesn't happen in reality lol. Try again but then that's your twisted logic at work again. Yet you have the hide to my comments are outside the current reality lol.

"Unlimited quotes are the primary cause of congestion. Some people like to leave a TV on for background noise. Today that could mean a 4HD stream (~50Mbps). With current contention ratios it only requires a few customers doing this to cause congestion. Quotas on plans means that those people can choose to pay for a plan with sufficient quota or not use the streaming TV for background noise."

Lol outside the current reality again. As every other network in the world would be experiencing the same problems and they have had unlimited quotas for over a decade now. But please try again lol.

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