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Lol Mathew

"FTTN average speed faster than FTTP is simple maths. Currently > 80% of FTTP connections are 25Mbps or slower (~30% on 12Mbps). The minimum FTTN speed is 25Mbps most people's connections capable of significantly faster speeds. Therefore if you remove the speed tiers from FTTN, then ~30% on 12Mbps receive an instance speed boost to 25Mbps or faster."

So if we use your same example and turrn it around as the average for fttn speed is less than fttp. Remove tier from fttp and you could get up to 40Gbps which the new capability. On top of that fttn node Backshall is only 2Gbps so supports 5-10Mbps at peak times compared to 80Mbps with fttp.

So with using normal logic (comparing apples to apples not oranges lol) not your twisted logic fttn could never even come close to ftp.

Btw the minimum isn't 25Mbps it's 25Mbps for 1 sec in a day with 5 drop outs. So you can have 2Mbps for most of the day but at 3am your connection hits 25Mbps so you connection is fine.

So let's use your twisted logic on your own example. If the first isp is only paying for 1Mbps per customer vs the 2 isp paying 500Mbps per customer with the CVC the first isp would have more congestion than the second one would it.

"NBNCo could easily justify this to remove the current issue RSPs have with some customers ordering plans that their lines are not capable of supporting.". Ahh so it's the RSP fault for a customer wanting to pay for a faster connection that nbn and you have stated it can deliver aka your fttn to fttp quote above lol but can't deliver. That as you have stated previously that you then expect said customer to either move house or pay 10K plus for a better connection.

So now after debunking you claimed that unlimited and speed tier is the fault of congestion your now asking me on advice lol.

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