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> Mathew what utter BS. But it's good to see your trying your same logic as claiming fttn is faster than fttp.

If you disagree please provide some reasons as to why.

FTTN average speed faster than FTTP is simple maths. Currently > 80% of FTTP connections are 25Mbps or slower (~30% on 12Mbps). The minimum FTTN speed is 25Mbps most people's connections capable of significantly faster speeds. Therefore if you remove the speed tiers from FTTN, then ~30% on 12Mbps receive an instance speed boost to 25Mbps or faster.

NBNCo could easily justify this to remove the current issue RSPs have with some customers ordering plans that their lines are not capable of supporting.

> But if you claimed to be true why is NZ offering 100Mbps unlimited and delivering those speeds at peak time.

Good question which I haven't seen anyone provide an authoritive answer for. Can you identify what is different between the cost of building the network in Australia and New Zealand? Remember that the current wholesale charges are cheaper than Labor's plan. Once you done that then you are in a reasonable position to suggest how the NBNCo could be restructured.

Currently you appear to be a selfish person who wants to be one of the elite with a 100Mbps connection. I hope you were not decived by Labor into thinking that you would be part of the 1% that in 2026 Labor expected to have 1Gbps.

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