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Move to charges based on contention instead of mb/s

That's a relatively easy issue to fix. Have a fixed price CVC based on an contention ratio per ISP instead of a per mbs per user charge. For example:

Cont./CVC/ACCC required description for marketing

100:1/$15/Unusable performance at peak times

50:1/$20/Really slow performance at peak times

20:1/$25/Slow performance at peak times

10:1/$30/Adequate performance at peak times

5:1/$35/Reasonable performance at peak times

2:1/$40/Fast broadband at any time

1:1/$45/Superfast Broadband all the time

The trick being get the ACCC to force the ISPs to use those descriptions as a headline description for the quality of the service. I can't see anyone providing other than Adequate or better if they are required to describe the service with a defined term as a headline description of the quality in their marketing materials.

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