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Re: "Backward chaining is appearing as a “new” technique"

Yes, that struck me too.

Plus backchaining and forward chaining is now merging in LPS.

It's about time.

Yes, I know, a very primitive version of this existed in PLANNER in the 60's as Carl "I invented everything, but earlier" Hewitt keeps saying.

Also, "Blackboard Architectures". These are VERY 80s. Basically a device useful when you don't really know how to attack a problem and the solution is "throw specialized agents at it that shall communicate via a common database know as a blackboard". How exactly the inter-agent communication should be formalized was never really spelled out. I still have the Addison-Wesley Fat Book "Blackboard Systems", maybe I should have it scanned and put online. I would imagine that today problems would be more often solved by additional fat injections of appropriate mathematics in search and optimization so that one knows what one is computing and can even get performance stats.

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