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Not anymore I’m afraid....

Kubernetes as a project has long since recognised that docker inc is yearnon year closing up the docker ecosystem.

They’ve been shifting to an OCI model for a long time. They also support rkt as well.

This enables companies to exlmplerely avoid the vendor lock in that docker is slowly becoming bad at.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years k8s by default starts using systemd-containerd with an oci implantation of rkt as it’s default rather than docker and supporting it only for “legacy” reasons.

Talking a bit about vendor lock it it annoys me a bit that the article focused on red hats openshift. For starters openshift is a PaaS as well as a CaaS and is very much vendor lock in in its own form. Sure; if you use openshkft just for containers then that lock-in is minimalised but they change some things in their use of k8s that make your manifests and projects incompatible completely with all the other main vendors.

If you choose to use openshift as a PaaS then you’re locking yourself into 1 vendor.

The article should of mentioned Suse. Their new CaaS Kubernetes product is entirely compatible with opstram and is a serious contender against openshift as well as coreos tectonic and rancher.

It’s also by far the most simple on premise k8s distribution to set up. You can go from nothing to a fully functioning large k8s cluster without doing anything special such as deploying matchbox. It integrates perfectly with your existing infrastructure devices as well (dns/dhcp).

Heck: with openshift you can only deploy it on top of their OpenStack! Who the hell in their right mind would deploy OpenStack if all you wanted was containers???

That’s just for CaaS needs as well.

If we’re talking about PaaS then Suse is launching their cloudfoindry based pass running on top of Kubernetes later this year. Unlike with openshift where you have to trust red hat as the sole developer of openshift with cloud foundry there are many many other different vendors allowing you to make your app development truly portable in case you decide to switch PaaS vendor. Cloud foundry is the way forward in the on premise PaaS world don’t waste (subsfanfional) money on openshift when the alternatives are cheaper, more open, avoid vendor lock in and don’t require you to deploy opensfack as a dependency of your CaaS/PaaS Platform

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