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You can't DevOps everything, kids. Off the shelf kit especially


This is unnecessarily harsh

I'm pretty sure DevOps still includes the Ops part, and while a lot of "DevOps" kiddies I've met are basically hotshot programmers who've learned a couple of tricks about deploying and debugging the OS and slap the hot title du jour on themselves, there will always be room for operators who intimately know their software and hardware, even if they didn't develop it themselves. A big part of the value proposition of DevOps is that we can be fairly seamlessly pulled off of a development project to manage an operations project.

With any luck, we can leverage their development background to make something better than the usual Perl monstrosities that function as glue code. At its best, it's not just that we fuse the roles, it's that we can step into whatever role we're needed in and do better.

On the other hand, consultants are consultants, and any buzzword you hear is no better than any other buzzword. Any business hoodwinked by that deserves their fate.

Honestly, if a business wants to grab an ERP and try to shoehorn it in on the cheap, more power to them. When they need to go beyond the basic COTS customization capabilities, hopefully they'll call or hire someone capable.

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