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Quote: "I learned that social scientists have known this for decades and have experimentally shown that people will claim a factor was important in their decision despite only being told it after they’d made the choice."

I am doing Brain Mapping at the local University. I have a fair bit of medical knowledge as well as experience in medical engineering. I can tell you the various lobes of the brain plus why and what they do as far as we know at this time. The work I do is all about how we make decisions. The professor I work with gives a nice little talk titled "Why we do the Dumb Things we do." It is all about how we so often make mistakes that are highly influenced by our own internal biases. What we so often think is right is frequently dead wrong.

The human brain is not a binary computer. It is a massively parallel neurochemical analogue computer. It does exhibit spikes when the various proaxonal inputs finally add up high enough to cause a very sudden phase transition. When that happens the entire neural structure of the brain can suddenly synchronize from anterior to posterior in less than 2 milliseconds. This includes the frontal superior cortex all the way back to the posterior Parietal and Occipital lobes. That is a decision made.

The idea that it is somehow binary is nonsense. There are over 1400 neuro chemicals and proteins that may affect just one synapse. That does not include things like slight differences in genetic structure that everyone has. Just the ability to talk and listen depends on Brocca's Area as well as Wernicke's Area along with a dense network of axonal fibres. They often fire randomly and that creates a lot of background noise. Just blinking or moving eyes can create values that are a thousand times stronger.

There is a lot more I could say but it can be very complicated. The one thing I can say is that the amount of actual electrical power required to simulate a full brain using current technology would be megawatts if it was only one nanowatt per synapse. The brain only uses about 20 watts per hour.

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