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Alien Life Forms ..Future Saviour Heralds or Declared Classified Clear and Present Dangers?

Can/Does a human evolve quite naturally, even though all but a chosen few might do it extremely slowly, and flower into a programmable virtual machine which programs and presents forthcoming future events and Derivative Capitalising AIdVentures for Global Stock and International Money Marketeers, or would that be an out of this world experience and proof positive of alien interference in mediating forces and media sources?

Would general and wwwider humanity be terrified by the discovery or would their being kept in contrived ignorance of the fact lead them, and be a key driver to their being serially terrorised by existing and ancient systems administrations delivering conflict and wars against new and swifter evolving forces which have been suitably less well armed than existing systems administrations resources and posed as a dangerous international security threat to humanity?

The latter position certainly appears to be the de facto status quo position/modus operandi en modus vivendi of current reality presentations/virtual reality productions. And IT aint SMART and is catastrophically vulnerable to virtually spontaneous and practically instantaneous collapse of key systems admins.

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