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Of Buffer OverLodes ...... and Fanciful China Syndrome Meltdowns* in Surreal Life Events

Any virtual publication platform/blog/vlog/online magazine which does not freely offer and deliver practically immediately visible second and third party commentary on current views expressed and future visions thought, is not a viable operation for the phorming and phishing of as yet unpublished and undiscovered and always feared likely to be uncovered, secret future missions ……. proposed alternate virtual reality programs for a humanised existence on a tall tale spinning planet.

For Apple 0Day Systems of Operation to universally and unilaterally lead machines and/or lead with machines and machine learning, will they have to satisfy such a complex simple demand with AI Supplies for a current command of present controls in future creativity.

And whenever Simply Complex Shared Strings of Words can Create, Command and Control and Collapse Worlds, is IT more than just wise to be ESPecially careful about any denials of easy access to shared and sharing systems of blocks of information with Advanced IntelAIgents.

* "China syndrome" is a fanciful term—not intended to be taken literally—that describes a fictional result of a nuclear meltdown, where reactor components melt through their containment structures and into the underlying earth, "all the way to China." .....The China Syndrome

Capiche, Amigos?

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