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Canada is welcome to all the travelers from countries that cannot properly vet its citizens (per Obama's standards). If the tourist dollars are worth the risk to their citizens, OK. Perhaps they will take a more careful approach if they get a building or crowd bombed.

A tip: Don't say things like this aloud. It just shows you are:

1) A scared little snowflake (to use your right wing terms)... Funny how the Trumpets come up with insulting words for others that actually apply more to them. It's of course a classic case of Psychological Projection.. Trumpets could have written the book on that subject (if the could read)

2) Someone who believes Fox 'news'. They make out that terrorists are running amoc in Europe, Sharia law is taking over, and silly misguided fools believe it.

3) ISIS supporter. - ISIS is all about unjustified restrictions on people, and therefore loves unjustified restrictions 'the land of the free' puts on innocent people - not only is it good old ISIS thinking, but the whole point of their terrorism attacks is to frighten people unproportionally to the actual threat. You are a classic case of one of their pawns. They want the West to demonise innocent Muslims. It helps their cause. You are one of their star foot-soldiers.

4) An American traitor. Related to the above points, you show why countries have been losing respect for America. True American patriots are friendly, tolerant, helpful. fair, and very intelligent and innovative. It's what actually made America great. I feel sorry for the many decent Americans now surrounded by a bunch of insular, paranoid, scared, racist bigots who seem to wear stupidity as a badge of honour.

As for tourist dollars, you want to keep people out to keep you safe, but ironically there are 2 major things affecting peoples desire to holiday in America - the aforementioned border restrictions, and your out of control gun crime.

Now, to save you from falling into the trap, I'll help you out. - Your reply would probably be about how the gun violence problem is exagerated, and people are naturally scared of something the press hypes up if they don't actually live there and know the real situation.

Well, I agree - (to an extent - there may be some hype to it, but the right wings response is positively delusional)

But guess what - DING-DING-DING - That's exactly what you are doing with terrorism threats, and then some.

So, please tell me why terrorism is driving you potty when:

Number of Americans killed by terrorism in the last decade: 24. Number of Americans killed by guns in the last decade: 280,024.

More Americans are killed by toddlers with guns than terrorists

Finally, for your reading pleasure: The Psychology of why Americans are more scared of terrorism than gun, even though guns are 3,210 times likelier to kill them.

Have a nice day!

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