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The writing has always been variable, but not sure on the new show runner.

RTD did a good relaunch and Moffat did a good takeover.

Some new Who episodes are classics (Blink, the castle one with Capaldi).

Actors variable, Tom Baker still favourite despite starting with Jon Pertwee.

But the last few all worked though. Only odd ones were Tristian Farnon and Silvester McCoy, (not bad, but odd), got to give it to Peter Capaldi to be the Doctor despite a biggish name.

As to woman been there done that with Missie.

However I am not that bothered, more concerned if I will actualy like it. Will it be like the best of the original, the best of RTD, the best of SM, or like the worth of?

Or will it be completely different, I have seen that launch trailer and definatley a bit worried. Style, not keen on.

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