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Dear Elon

Dear Elon,

We know you derive a lot of your income from government in one form or another, from subsidies for electric cars to all of the NASA-related work going on over at SpaceX, etc. etc. etc..

However, the REST of us don't derive MOST our income from GUMMINT. Most of us rely on the PRIVATE SECTOR, and as such, GUMMINT REGULATIONS are usually IN THE WAY! (think about it, they're debated by clueless congress-critters and written by bureaucrats and lobbyists)

In any case, you shouldn't seek gummint "solutions" for everything. Rather, step back, have a beer, and think about it for a while. No need to panic. Liability laws would already hold bot-makers accountable if their creations went on a killing/pillaging spree. So I don't think we need NEW laws and NEW regulations, K-thanx...

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