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I dont watch it nor give a hoot about it (not that I have a problem with others enjoying it). But I have been very amused at the many news articles (as if TV is news but I dont understand reporting of XFactor or bake off either) proclaiming how wonderful it is to have a vagina as the lead to Dr Who.

I feel really sorry for the actress. I dont know if she was hired for her acting ability or because she has 2 humps on her chest but the reporting of her appointment does seem to reduce her to female bits. The start of this article running through her career was good but things like- "Finally, at least one of those boxes been ticked and we can move on." makes me cringe.

I get bothered when stupid ideas are floated like a gay bond or black spiderman etc only because it cheapens the role to PC bull. The rantings that WW was the first female heroine was quickly shot down with a list because people can and deserve to do things on their own merit. Shoehorning for PC sake is irritating and 'buying' viewers instead of earning them. I really hope for Jodie that is not what they are doing to her as it would be unfair to anyone. Best of luck to her.

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