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Writing this from another IETF - the one in Prague which starts today.

First and foremost. Bob - you are an idiot.

The issue is not travel ban, the issue are the searches. Most real IETFers (especially the old guard) have some serious issues with the idea of US Border performing arbitrary copy of their devices, retaining their devices for up to 5 days and being required to supply all passwords to their devices. It is not because we have clandestine or illegal content on them. It is out of principle - the stuff on it is ours and some Stalin border wannabe does not need to know what is on it.

As far the IETF being apolitical - it never was. Even the massive infestation by standard tourists and shills paid by one well known Chinese vendor has failed to make it apolitical. So I am all for it making a political statement even if this means that the Montreal conference fee will have to go up a few hundred dollars.

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