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Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course


Just to play devil's advocate, since no one else has that I have seen:

Many of you know of the brouhaha that has been caused by Brits traveling to Spain, then filing suits for food poisoning against the resort after returning home. Before they started being successful cracking down on the scam, the resorts considered refusing to accept vacationers from the UK, just out of self-preservation. If they had, would they then be considered racist (yes, I know, it would be more 'nationalist' than racist, but the word racist would attach, anyway)?

Different groups exibit different attributes, cultural, of course, not genetic. People of certain countries are quite often labeled; French are rude; Brits have bland food; Americans are fat; etc.

We do not have any back-story on this. Suppose many Asians make unendless demands and cause constant problems as this one did, and this homeowner had suffered in the past. Would that not make the situation more like that of the Spanish resorts wanting to rid themselves of all Brits because of the high number who tried to scam them? This would not be racism, but a revolt against a cultural attribute that was detrimental to running a successful business.

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