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There is no circle of hell deep and dark enough for Oracle to sufficiently punish them for the horror of their turd pile EBusiness Suite.

However, the topic in the article you reference (Oracle trying to copyright APIs), isn't at issue here. It would be if Rimini created their own patches based off of published service bulletins. But that is not what they were doing. They were storing and distributing Oracle-authored documentation, patches, etc.

The company that I was at considered Rimini to see if we could ween ourselves of the fiscal bloodletting of Oracle support. Once Rimini was precluded from distributing Oracle patches in 2014, the best they could promise was to craft patches based upon whatever version of EBS you wound up on when you cut the cord with Oracle. This did not seem to be a very sustainable path, unless one was planning on ditching EBS anyway and just wanted to keep it up and running for a couple of years.

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