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Ahhh, hello NS.

After I read a few of the articles that have been released since yesterday, my very first thought was:

"super white-list" or "white-list on steroids" and sent that out along with some of the press release content to my peers across the country as a new interesting possibility (can't say which organization, sorry). But I'm not in the top level for gaining a new product...

Edgewise does sound promising because there are no 'hard' & 'true' edge to networks any longer as one person who talked about Edgewise indicated (in one press release) - but we knew that.

And I know and have talked to the CTO of vArmour and their micro-segmentation product, which is at the address-control level - even that is still like a firewall (even if it is a good product).

Basically, we all have a headache in trying to figure out how to effectively stop malicious activities & behaviour (I put in the 'u' for our UK friends). If there is a product that introduces 'machine-learning' to help stop the bad guys (and gals), let's see more.

Good luck

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