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" it also won't let them get rid of Indians"

On the contrary, Priti Patel- a right-wing Tory whose family comes from an Indian background via Uganda- has been using Brexit as an excuse to let *more* people from the Indian subcontinent under the spurious pretext that Britain is "closer" to India then Europe because it was once part of the Empire. (#)

So, basically, we have someone from a South Asian background hypocritically exploiting the anti-immigrant, xenophobia-driven sentiments of Brexit as an excuse to let more people from South Asia in to the United Kingdom? (Apparently quite a number of people from South Asian backgrounds voted "Leave" for the same ethnically self-serving reason).

I wonder how many Little Englanders would approve of that if they'd actually been paying attention rather than voting leave as a cutting-off-their-nose-to-spite-their-face "f**k you" to the establishment. The same Tory establishment whose hard-right agenda they played into.

I'll have no sympathy with anyone from the former group if- having tried to exploit the fire of xenophobia- they get burned (though unfortunately many people who weren't dicks like them will still get caught up in the consequences).

And I'll have no sympathy with the latter ignorant f**ks who didn't pay attention- or rather, didn't care- who or what they were voting for.

(#) While we're at it, Britain's arrogance and self-delusion in thinking that its Commonwealth (read: ex-empire) ties will put it in a friendly position of power when discussing trade terms with India has been compared to that of a school bully attending a reunion 20 years later. One who doesn't realise things have moved on, who doesn't realise the *others* are now the ones in the position of power, and who is going to get a very rude awakening.

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