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'My dream job at Oracle left me homeless!' – A techie's relocation horror tale

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> Never forget that the EU is above all things a bureaucracy, and those things LOVE their rules.

Concerning the health insurance rules, it is actually all the demands from various nationalistic quarters and concessions to them that make the subject a dog's breakfast.

When it comes to more technical things that your average politician does not have a clue about and is too scared to ask for fear of looking like an imbecile, things go a lot more smoothly!

> he forgot that in _real life_ there are details that need to be checked and terms and conditions that apply.

I do not know how many cross-border moves you have been through, but while you might be technically correct, in practice those "details" can easily overwhelm the most meticulous of people. The only reason some of us can move more or less freely is because we are rich enough that we can ignore the rules, by and large, and if someone complains our lawyers will take care of it. As usual, it is the most vulnerable people who suffer the most.

> No one to blame but himself

What is it with people's obsession with "blame"? Personally, I get a lot more satisfaction out of saying "we could have done this better" than saying "it was [your,his,her,its] fault".

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