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'My dream job at Oracle left me homeless!' – A techie's relocation horror tale


Last time I moved jobs (over 10 years ago) it was within the UK and I was offered £900 as 3 monthly instalments. No conditions on what it could be used for, or requirements to put receipts through expenses. They gave me the money and let me figure out how best to use it towards finding somewhere to live and moving my various gubbins to my new location. In the end it covered all the expenses of moving and part of the deposit on my flat. If I was to do it today it'd cost more, partly because I have a lot more stuff to shift!

Moves are expensive so if you're offering people money to do it, give them the money and let them get on with it. Having to expense everything with receipts and conditions on what it can be put towards just makes them less likely to claim it. Oh, I get it now :)

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