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'My dream job at Oracle left me homeless!' – A techie's relocation horror tale

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My current employers HR dept are utterly f'ing useless. I had to do all their work in getting references as they didn't make any attempt to follow them up, as a consequence I started three weeks later than originally promised in early December a few years ago.

They sent me all the sign up details for payroll and benefits but didn't bother to tell me they weren't actually going to put me on payroll for another month - not quite lying but as good as. It made it a very stressful time, and I racked up a few thousand in credit card debts, it being Christmas with no pay.

Eventually I got a mealy-mouthed half apology.

At the end of that November I managed to get three days of contract work whilst waiting to start, and if that job had a chance to be more permanent, would have taken it.

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