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""Illegal copying" or "Illegal sharing" is a much better name, but then again, it doesn't make the perpetrators look like horrible criminals, does it?"

Indeed. And the US courts have confirmed that.


Leading up to the trial, Hotfile has scored several significant wins against the MPAA. The Florida federal court ruled on several motions this week, and many went in favor of the file-hosting service. Most prominently, Judge Kathleen Williams decided that the movie studios and its witnesses are not allowed to use “pejorative” terms including “piracy,” “theft” and “stealing” during the upcoming proceedings.

And add to that that in the US at least, violating a copyright isn't illegal, so it's not even really "illegal copying." It's a civil matter, not criminal, until the violator knowingly and intentionally tries to use the copied material "on a commercial scale."

Some may be surprised, but It's the same here in the UK:

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