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Slowly but surely, we're inching our way to a SkyNet dystopia

Because walled gardens for media consumption is fashionable now. Even Microsoft has embraced this: look at Windows 10S.

And no analog FM radio for your flagship smartphones, you'd better stream or purchase if you wish to listen to music!

Don't be surprised in future you would need an account just to use a browser... for your 'cyber safety' of course. Perhaps biometric authentication will be implemented if you need to get online. Certain sites are flagged as 'risky' (e.g. illegal streams of football matches) and you're blocked from accessing them.

The good news is that there are unofficial or forked versions of the more popular browsers e.g. Pale Moon from Firefox, Yandex and Advanced Chrome from Chromium. Perhaps they will not succumb to corporate pressure. Or someone else will just create a DRM-free web browser.

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