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but for me it means that I have all my DVDs ripped to my NAS and backed up properly without those horrid effing ads or "previews" for films I never was interested in in the first place

Ah, but you've just given me an idea. The fact that I have legally purchased media only means that I have purchased the content I actually want to see. If the distributor wants to force me to see other content, I have a very easy answer to that: he'll have to pay for my time, and as a consultant that can add up pretty nicely.

I think I'm going to keep that option in mind when this evolves. I'm quite OK with running a test case on that basis. Just because I buy a car doesn't mean you should be able to force me to pass certain billboards before I can go where I want to go - f*ck that.

I wish for all these execs to be forced to ensure the screaming of 4 year olds while they're waiting to get the "you won't steal a handbag" bit before the movie comes on. For at least two months.

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