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Nonsense. Books, radio, TV and CDs were easy to copy and didn't contain DRM, yet artists (and especially publishing companies) still made billions of dollars with them.

Well, the publishers and other setups that explicitly rely on "accidental" copyright violations such as YouTube and Facebook (come on, be fair) made money with it. The artists and creators, not so much.

I am honest enough to acknowledge the problem. That does, however, not mean I agree with the solution. DRM works where you have perfect control over the environment. Any 3D film you have seen in the cinema since Avatar was delivered electronically with DRM protection, and even in that fairly controlled environment key management was a bit of a problem (as I discovered over the years when first day showings were delayed or even cancelled when keys had not arrived in time or did not work).

Now scale up this problem in the modern day era where there are gazillions of consumers and an absoluut boatload of people willing to sell just about anything for money and I foresee (a) usability issues galore and (b) a limited time before the keys leak or one bored teenager cracks the whole thing over a rainy weekend.

"Piracy" is an overblown problem.

No, the problem is real, but the crux of it is that it is not a TECHNICAL problem, and just piling tech on top of it won't solve it. It just shifts responsibility and accountability around. There are economic arguments where they've demonstrated that piracy would die out overnight if prices dropped. There are legal arguments that fair use matters, and thus should not be permitted to be pursued as piracy without substantial consequences and malpractice suits. There are proportionality issues where an out of work mother should not be prosecuted as if the 10 files she shared would somehow deprive a rights holder of more income than of the entire state she lives in - those are issues that must be addressed.

In that picture, DRM doesn't even feature.

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