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But if I understand correctly, it is not going to be based on open-source implementations.

The proposed W3C standard provides a framework for audiovisual content providers to deploy their DRM binary blobs to the browser.

There is no provision for code review, ensuring the binary blobs do not contain backdoors, vulnerabilities, performance problems etc., all of which have been demonstrated in abundance in prior DRM implementations.

Since the audiovisual content eventually has to be emitted in unencrypted form so that my eyes and ears can perceive it, it will always be possible for motivated individuals to rip DRM-protected content anyway.

Personally, it is not about the money; it is about ease of use, and my freedom to consume media in the format and on the device I prefer. Until content providers make it easier to buy their content than to pirate it, people will pirate it. The music industry realised this some time ago and now DRM is all but nonexistent. Meanwhile music artists' overall revenues from sales of music recordings has increased. My guess is the film industry is at least 5 years behind.

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