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well, Micro-shaft can't even get it right for their OWN web sites...

if everyone were running Linux or BSD (or OSX for that matter) we wouldn't be having this topic.

Unfortunately, that is NOT the case, and Micro-shaft's networking INCOMPETENCE is standing in the way.

And... do you REALLY want 'wannacry' going over IPv6 and affecting EVERY! COMPUTER! with an IPv6 address, because Micro-shaft can't properly firewall, and IPv6's are PUBLICALLY VIEWABLE, yotta yotta yotta? It's bad enough with all of the well-known listening ports [a number that grew starting with XP, then Vista, then 7, then "Ape", and now WIn-10-nic], and you know how it is with Micro-shaft and their open/listening ports. IPv6 exposes them to the _WORLD_ and unless your router can block them for you, you're probably _vulnerable_ because, Micro-shaft INCOMPETENCE in networking stuff.

Anyway I have IPv6 running on my network. I use a free tunnel. I firewall all of the ports I mentioned, so that any winders boxen on the network are protected, using a FreeBSD machine, which has a really good IPv6 stack and 3 different available firewalls to choose from. You can reject incoming connections on ANY of those ports from anything that comes in over a particular adapter [in this case, the IPv6 tunnel] and voila! BLOCKED! And SMB networking (and other windowsey stuff) still works behind the firewall.

So why can't Micro-shaft get it right?

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