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Crashed RadioShack flogs off its IPv4 stash

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"Using a /8 for everyone to use internally wasn't the problem, it was handing out /8 or /16 to Universities or large corporations."

wide scale IPv6 adoption would render those pretty much WORTHLESS in an auction. It's like they're hanging onto their property for the price to peak. Who wouldn't?

Name-based hosting SHOULD have rendered the use of all of those IPv4 blocks unnecessary. And we KNOW the effect it has on institutions that still expose everything on a public IPv4 ['wannacry' anybody?]

years ago a company I did work for bought a block of IPv4 addresses. Several XP boxen were set up with direct IPv4 addresses. As a poignant joke I used one of the 'net' commands on a remote computer [at my house] to pop up a dialog box on one guy's machine, thus pointing out the vulnerability. Couple THAT kind of exposure to the world with viruses and trojans and scanning that was happening in the early noughties, and it wasn't more than a WEEK before their ISP called them up complaining about "all of the DNS queries". Yes, a virus infection (on at least one of their exposed machines) was scanning to infect others on the internet. It was subsequently cleaned and everyone's computer went behind a NAT router.

So... WHAT need is there for large blocks of IPv4 addresses, other than sitting on them until they're valuable enough?

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