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Web inventor Sir Tim sizes up handcuffs for his creation – and world has 2 weeks to appeal

bombastic bob Silver badge

"And the small independents are even more hosed than usual."

this is what happens when you FEED THE GREED by gummint taxation/legislation. The small operators get hurt the most. Tax the blank CD's and DVD's (or whatever) because you ASSUME it will be used for pirated content, and send that money WHERE? To the political contributors from RIAA/MPAA/whatever-organization-is-in-your-country ??? and EXCLUDE the independent studios and artists?

no WONDER MPAA/RIAA is excreting CRAP-works these days. There's no REAL INCENTIVE to make things that people WANT. Just collect their gummint paycheck for existing! And excrete some garbage once in a while and pretend it's good and fill it with agenda/SJW/offensive/whatever content and nobody will buy it, and they won't care, they'll blame PIRACY and get EVEN MORE money from gummints!

Kim Jong "Fatass" UN couldn't have come up with a better 'master plan of worldwide manipulation and extortion' !!!

I should get my coat now...

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