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Re: Note it take 25 members of the WWWC to force a vote on this.

In the words of Dr Heinlein it is time to "Take back your government."

good point. There's a lot of *that* going on these days. It's a growing trend.

(where'd ya go? your coat's not in the closet...)

[astrologically, pluto is in capricorn, about half way through. It was this way during the 'AmerExit' of 1776, last time it happened, and historically, the French Revolution directly followed. It's supposed to mean that gummints and institutions get shaken up, broken down, and re-built, generally for the better, generally benefiting the individual instead of the institutions. Let's hope this is the result of the current shakeups in governments, banking, regulatory environments, etc., *AND* the W3C, that the ultimate benefits will go to THE INDIVIDUAL, and NOT the controlling elitists]

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