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"No wonder we don't need Hollywood any more!"

I bet YOU have a lot of good ideas, too. And lots of other people. But Hollyweird is stuck in their elitist bubble. They can't think outside of their self-imposed "box", tainted by SJW and agenda driven plots, and no real clue as to what their customers (i.e. 'the audience') REALLY wants.

I forget which show it was, a while back, maybe The Simpsons, where they pointed out that every idea had been tried already, in some form. Of course that doesn't mean you can't use that idea again in a more creative and entertaining way.

What has NOT been tried in a long time: a normal person, with normal life issues, doing something really really cool on his own, without needing "a village" or gummint or powerful people to do it. I think the last film like that might've been "Field of Dreams". /me ducks from objects being thrown.

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