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"but for me it means that I have all my DVDs ripped to my NAS and backed up properly without those horrid effing ads or "previews" for films I never was interested in in the first place."

I agree and I rip my own for exactly the same reasons.

However, those things are part of DVD budgets, and so one can make a reasonable argument that you shouldn't be able to skip them. [Since I rip my own legal content to avoid exactly this, I think you can see how absurd I think this is.]

However, if you want to put an end to this garbage, the way is to hurt their wallets. Instead of ripping it yourself, you could take back the DVD and tell the store you didn't want that non-movie drivel. Then go d/l it or just watch it via stream.

Until the industry gets that open content has value, it will not shed this notion that content must be protected. They just have to accept that in order to sell open content, someone might copy it and provide it gratis elsewhere. There are plenty of people willing to pay for unrestricted content-- books, movies, games, music, etc. It is true that some people will get the benefit without paying, but they were not going to buy it anyway.

The industry thinks it makes more money with DRM than without. I am not convinced, and more to the point, there isn't any evidence that this is the case.

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