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"When was the last time they made a film worth pirating?"

Yes, the hollyweird elitists are as bad as RIAA these days, aren't they?

I typically buy the few things I actually like [which are fewer and fewer these days] online or when they go "on sale" at Target or Walmart, or if it's barely watchable, when it ends up in the $5 bin. Going to the theater, not so much (as it's WAY overpriced for MOST of what they excrete these days, and I hate crowds, I doubley-hate public smokers who insist on creating clouds of exhaust where I have to walk to get into the theater, and would rather watch something on a big screen at home anyway).

My complaints against RIAA are numerous, mostly dealing with the way they "market their CRAP" at us until we "like" it. Being an amateur musician, I have even higher standards. I end up listening to the local Jazz station or streaming jpop over internet radio (hotmix japan!) most of the time, often because I can't stand the high level of actual CRAP that gets airplay, and I don't want to get pissed off and have to get up from my computer and go over to the radio and change the station because they play some excrement by 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' that sounds like the worst of Bob Dylan with a hangover. I think I'd prefer the sound of mating cats to RHCP.

Similarly with the complete LACK of decent ideas from hollyweird these days, I don't go to the movies any more (and the aforementioned reasons of price, crowds, and discourteous public smokers). The ticket prices seem to be way higher than the quality of what you see, and unless it's the latest Star Wars in Imax 3D [which TRIES to make it worth the $15 or so I have to fork over], wouldn't be worth my time to go to a theater anyway.

So are HOLLYWEIRD and RIAA about to become a bunch of COPYRIGHT TROLLS to try and SOAK US for MORE INCOME in a manner SIMILAR to the PATENT TROLLS with respect to INNOVATION? Because, after all, they CANNOT SEEM TO CREATE SOMETHING WORTH PAYING FOR! So they TROLL for income instead.

If they want movie ideas, I have a zillion of them. How about a reboot of 'Time Tunnel' from the 60's, only without the modern hollyweird SJW-ness nor 'revisionist' history. It'd be fun, semi-educational, intellectual, and open to great special effects and classic one-liners.

Here's another idea: find something that got a good start but was never finished (because multiple movies were needed and it got canned for stupid reasons after only one movie), reboot it, and actually FINISH IT. You could do this with family-oriented movies like 'Golden Compass' or 'Last Airbender'. You just have to market them right. Go 'high budget' too. It'll pay off in the long run.

Being an anime fan, I find most of the anime that comes out of Japan to have much more entertainment value than 99% of what comes out of hollyweird. [but remember what they did to Miazaki's films, until he got an academy award, as a prime example of hollyweird elitism and their attitude towards anime, and why it _NEVER_ gets wide release in theaters].

I don't watch American TV shows any more, except certain crime dramas that involve NCIS (and Jeopardy). I don't find the humor funny, I generally don't like the story lines, and I _ESPECIALLY_ don't like the SJW-ness [particularly when it's obviously an agenda by the writers to shove it in the audience's face].

I think millenials have been conditioned into being overly-snarky SJW's, and wanting their "entertainment" to re-enforce that kind of outlook. The kinds of TV shows that are on these days would suggest that. And I think too many people just hand-wave it all just so they can see the rest of the show (or 'nothing else' is on or something). I just turn it _OFF_ and find something else, something actually entertaining.

/me goes over to the DVD wall, finds something the SJW's would hate, is entertained. JOKE them if they can't take a *FEEL*

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