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"If they put the content behind locks, then one video camera pointed to the screen is enough to bypass their DRM scheme. Sounds like fool's errand."

and with audio content, a patch cable from output on one device to recording input on another.

And with video equipment, one of those "HDMI splitters" and a DVR on one of the 'split' outputs.

At some point, the output has to be "played" and when it is, the potential for copying is there, no matter how hard "they" try to stop it.

All "they" are going to do is force people to use a Windows program to view the content, basically leaving Linux (and BSD) users without a way of using something like 'Netflix' or some independent streaming video service, or certain kinds of USB devices for that matter.

And I wouldn't be surprised if *THAT* is the actual motive! That's right, *MAKE* everyone use Win-10-nic and Edge!

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