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It _was_ better in the old days

"Not all of us old geezers complain about how much better it was in the old days."

By objective measurements it was: That's not a complain but reality.

LPs in 70 and early 80s had a dynamic range about 40dB and frequency response from 20 to 20Khz, relatively straight and recording level was so that all the peaks are recorded correctly. Not much but at least all of that range was actually used by recording studios.

Current records are compressed to <5dB dynamic range with peaks clipped. Everything over 10Khz or under 80Hzis clipped away as 'unnecessary', who needs those?

This is the reason why anything modern sounds like shit: It _is_ shit, already at sound quality level.

That is created in the studio, on purpose, and no media can fix it afterwards.

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