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" Remember, these are people who believe with true conviction that climate change is a massive global conspiracy".

OK, this shit is too much and I'll have to introduce some facts in to propaganda and beliefs.

No, it's _getting paid to believe_. Huge amounts.

In EU alone "climatologists" got about 1 million euros _per person_ "for research", on condition they don't disagree with IPCC or EU "official policy" or local government. 5 _billions_ overall. In short: "Here's money, shut up".

Which part of that you deny? Or how much are you getting paid?

Also, it's "Global Warming", BTW. Name had to be changed because warming stopped in late 200x.

Now it's global cooling but fortunately no need to change the name again and now the CO2 is causing "climate change", ie. cooling. Of course it's not called that as official truth is that climate is still warming despite it doesn't. And that can be done with one variable change within NASA.

Less than handful of people know about yearly changes as 'correction factor' used isn't public. But we do know it is increasing all the time, thus increasing the temperatures NASA _announces_. Raw data is never published.

And NASA provides more than 50% of global temperature measurements: Trivial to show what ever you want and actual temperatures are thoroughly irrelevant as only "corrected" ones are public information.

In short: "Global warming" is a blatant power grab of IPCC (~20 politicians sitting in same room) who wanted to have power to grant CO2-quotas _for each country_. And they were so stupid that they _published it all_. Obviously commenter (any of them) hasn't bothered to read the memos IPCC has published.

Talk about world domination. Documented and published globally. Not a conspiracy, but alliance.

Unfortunately for them IPCC hasn't been able to give a single correct prediction and famous "hockey stick" curve was proven wrong in 2010 or so. Global warming has actually stopped totally by 2015 and it has been cooling since then.

Did any of the politics change? No, of course not as the goal _still is the same_ and IPCC will lie what ever they can to reach that _political_ goal. No science(*) involved in any level, ever.

Warmer period happened, that's right, but CO2 didn't have any part in that (and no-one can prove otherwise) as climate now is cooling and CO2-level is still going up. That's why you don't see yearly changes anymore (Or see numbers fudged by NASA, thus irrelevant), just 10 year rolling average. They'll change that into 20 years rolling average very soon. For obvious reasons.

To make it even worse is that there's no independent research (or science) at all: Everyone involved is directly or indirectly paid to provide "correct" results by IPCC or political puppets of IPCC, local governments. Every heretic has been fired and/or ridiculed to death: That's not science. it's a witch hunt and every one involved is part of the global warming Borg: Assimilate or die.

I repeat: That's not how the science works, that's politics. Compare to medicartel or tobacco industry 'research'. No-one in their senses would offer those as valid science.

IPCC is a part of UN, therefore by definition global top political organisation. Which part of that is too much to understand?

Also, if you don't understand that governments globally are reaping hundreds of billions yearly by "CO2-taxes" and therefore believe _anything_ as long as it benefits them, then you are so naive you shouldn't say anything.

I'll repeat: It's about money and power. All of it.

And if you believe that a government, _any government_, refuses to take free money ("CO2-tax") when they have an opportunity (given by UN and IPCC, therefore "science"), I'll label you as an idiot.

Sorry, but that's the way it is.

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