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Microsoft boasted it had rebuilt Skype 'from the ground up'. Instead, it should have buried it

bombastic bob Silver badge

(with respect to 'doing this' to Office)

"Haven't they've already done it?"

Probably. I wouldn't know for sure since I stopped using MS Office. But it's the same thing they've done to windows. Why shouldn't they be consistent?

The moment Skype became a UWP "[cr]app" was the beginning of it's demise. OK the moment Micro-shaft bought it, but still...

After all, Micro-shaft *FEELS* (not 'thinks', because that would be based on logic) that computers are CONSUMPTION DEVICES for SOCIAL MEDIA (to be monetized). Hence, Win-10-nic.

Obviously their "vision" is through the narrow minds of CERTAIN MILLENIALS, particularly the "4 inch" crowd that seem to do EVERYTHING from a 4 inch display. And it's nearly always SOCIAL MEDIA.

As such they forgot "the installed base" i.e. people with PCs that get work done. And they released a bunch of CRapps that COMPLETELY GET IT WRONG when it comes to what customers want. Because they stopped caring about what CUSTOMERS want.

Oh, and they apologize for the MAJOR CHANGES. yeah, seen THIS before, too. broken vinyl record.

And an obligatory reference to Arthur C. Clarke's "Superiority" again.

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