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Yes, pardon the not-so-politically-correct topic. Bite me.

I like Windows. You heard that one right. I'm also a FreeBSD user who "grew up" with Linux while having had a huge taste of Sun Solaris at work (company funded educational process, but because you couldn't buy Solaris/x86 for reasonable prices back then I ended up using Linux as a substitute). In the end I seriously admire Unix and all it stands for and the legacy it provides, but I also still like Windows. For what it is, what it can do and what you can do with it.

It's not easy to try and cater to the mindless masses. We all know better, right? Exactly!.

But Microsoft has their heads so way stuck up in the dark places where no sun shines that they're totally oblivious to the obvious. And nothing we say or do will help them. And the only reason I'm writing all this is because I actually care. YES Microsoft is evil, you damn betcha. Just look at Netscape. But wake up call: all (/most?) companies are. In the end only 1 thing matters: revenue.

The one thing you can say about Microsoft is that they're not hiding their ideas under stools or tables. Of course that doesn't make things any better (damn you for your braindead Win10 tactics, I'm appalled that no one ever bothered to try and sue your asses off! (keyword: try)). Yes, I really like Windows, why you ask?

See.. my problem with this whole thing is that its obvious they're not even bothering to try and re-invent their ways. They had opportunities thrown into their lap and ignored them and stumbled over it.

There is a huge realization growing that Google isn't the greatest of ideas anymore. Too little too late perhaps, but even so. Microsoft never bothered to even try and monetize on that, instead they forcefed us Windows 10. Only Apple showed balls by denying the feds and boy did it do wonders for them (you DO still remember that we got the NSA (American Secret Service) to thank for the massive outbreak of ransomware, right?).

They have all this potential, yet they don't even try to use it. And when looking at the latest Skype they still haven't managed to get a frickin' clue that the times where they dominated the market are a thing off the past.

I think it's safe to say that the enforced Win10 upgraded scared more people away to tablets (and distrust Microsoft) than it did to help ensure the market position. Oh I know the statistics. But I also know how to read them beyond the marketing crap.

How does one count a computer converted to Win10 which the owner only uses to check e-mail and does everything else on their tablets? I call that a lost sale, because there is no way in heck that they'll ever going to buy into the Win10 marketplace. I also call it a liability because as soon as someone tells them: "Linux can do that too!" they're gone.

Microsoft calls this an active user. They converted, they're still using the machine, it's a potential target.

And of course Microsoft is sure to include them into their annual shares: "20% of our users are happily using Windows 10". Of course, in their definition: not complaining = happy. And "Not complaining because I don't know how and as soon as I find a way out I'll move all of my stuff from this computer onto another and then I don't want anyhting to do with Microsoft at all" doesn't fit the pre-determined stats.

No.. Let's forcefeed the users even MORE crap after they already complained about Win8, Visual Studio and Win10. Heeeeere's Johny.. Errr: the new Skype app.

In Holland we have a saying: "Een ezel in het algemeen stoot zichzelf geen driemaal aan dezelfde steen". I'm very fluent with English, I don't know all the sayings though. "A mule generally doesn't hurt itself three times on the same rock". Or: "you don't make the same mistake three times".

As shown above: Microsoft does. As such my title post: dumbasses.

You could be SO much more :(

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