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> Have to disagree there: companies will pay for good, reliable VoIP and conferencing which is why there is Skype for Business (previously called Lync)

Reliable? Good? As someone who uses Skype for Business on a daily basis I would very much disagree with both of those. It doesn't often take the whole OS down, but we frequently have people who can't connect, stupid issues (the ringtone keeps going over the call for instance), video failing completely and various other quality issues. Cross OS support is pretty spotty as well (it never installed on my linux box and I had to run it in a VM, although others did not have issues)

Once Slack video chat starts scaling well enough (the quality is higher than Skype, and the simplicity is already there, but it starts falling apart a bit once you have 6+ people in the chat) we will probably switch to that, since we already use it preference to Skype for all text based chat between departments and offices.

Personally I used Pre-MS Skype very extensively when I worked with companies in Africa and the US, and it was great - slim and lightweight, got the job done. The first thing that MS did was bloat the UI to 3x the previous size. I even had a Skype phone (that lived for about 6 months before MS changed everything and basically bricked the phone).

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