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They probably heard it. But this is about market segmentation. The staid business world is not a good income source. They want to use Skype for free communication, and they don't consume advertising, or at least their employer won't let them spend corporate money on advertised styuff. So, better to go after consumers.

I've seen this over and over, when professional apps get dumbed down, from Final Cut Pro, to a variety of other pro apps - in a nutshell, there are not that many users. better to have features focused on consumers that pay more, and are susceptible to marketing.

That's the consumerization of tech, that's how the iPhone also ate BlackBerry. And it's not always a bad thing, if it brings more money for increased development spending etc. (People preferred the iPhone over BB because it was better!) But, you have to do the consumerization right. Apple 1,Microsoft 0.

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