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Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'



Sort of what I meant yes.

"Christians being tolerant, but not compromising in their beliefs, would treat gay people as fellow 'sinful' human beings, no worse than anyone else, and would NOT point fingers nor say god hates them. They could still believe in the bible without being asshats. Well, in an ideal world, anyway."

Well yes. Ultimately the thing is to get along with each other, not to be a dick etc. If someone kills someone, it's usually with intent. You chose to do that. So you can rightfully expect that act to be condoned. But to be gay? Like another poster said in regards to some clown who said homosexuality was a lifestyle choice, I can't remember when I chose to be heterosexual. To be gay is to be something you're born as, you have no choice on the matter. You can no more help falling in love with your male best friend than you can the colour of your skin. That bit isn't considered, and if it was then actually Christians shouldn't even consider those who are gay to be sinful.

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