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Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'

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"Which of course completely ignores the fact that if children were so easily persuadable there wouldnt; be any homosexual or trans folk as the amount of heterosexual/cisgender-normative material and role models out there "

I'm going to take a non-SJW and 'non-extremist' position on this issue, and offer some science to back it up.

First, you're not a victim of your urges. You have a brain in your head. You make choices, and I assume they're good choices most of the time [like everyone else].

That being said, genetics and developmental issues can be shown to affect sexual preferences. I cite an experiment I've mentioned before in which the brains of homosexual male sheep were examined, and the examination showed that they looked a lot like 'female brains' in certain areas, particularly with respect to processing testosterone and aromatase. (physiological evidence of potential developmental causes for homosexuality in sheep).

At the same time, there's also an "addiction" gene that is thought to be responsible for certain kinds of addictive behavior. We all know that this genetics is often fought against by AA members, etc.. they make choices, too, and in their cases they choose to go AGAINST their genetic predispositions, and for good reason.

So, somewhere between "extreme on one side, you have a choice" and "extreme on the other side, I have _NO_ choice", is a reasonable amount of medical and behavioral science that says "it's not such an extreme thing", since developmental issues DO exist, and genetic ones PROBABLY exist, and somewhere in the middle is reality, where some make choices that others cannot make, and vice versa, because we have brains and are NOT the victims of genetic/developmental predisposition, regardless of circumstance.

So I suggest, in this case, that you may make choices based on circumstances beyond your control, ones that you perceive as "cannot be avoided", whereas others with different circumstances may not. This does not mean you can't choose something else. it may simply be too difficult, or just undesirable.

Whichever choice you make, though, it's not my business. It's your business. And that's ultimately where it should stay.

[and people should perhaps mind their own business more often when it comes to sexuality and preferences, and not intentionally get in others' faces with whatever extreme position they take]

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