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Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'


@kain preacher - yeah, that's what fuckwitted bigots usually presume, that being gay or trans is a matter of choice, AND that gay and trans folk want to recruit AND that children are so easily suggestible that they can be persuaded to be gay or trans. Which of course completely ignores the fact that if children were so easily persuadable there wouldnt; be any homosexual or trans folk as the amount of heterosexual/cisgender-normative material and role models out there waaaay exceeeds those of the homesexual-transgender ones. And I've yet to meet a trans person who didn't feel the condition they were born with to be a painful one that they wouldn't wish on anyone.

I recently had the amusing experience of having a Christian evangelical woman striking up a conversation with me on the bus, and somehow she got onto the subject of not being able to compliment other women in case folk think you're lesbian. She clearly hadn't 'read' me (I am a lesbian) . Somewhat startled, I told her I thought she was being paranoid, I compliment women on therir appearance without anyone reacting negatively, I said. Just because someone tells you 'that's a nice outfit you're wearing' doesn't mean they want to jump you, seems to me it's the ones fretting about being thought lesbian that have sex on their mind the most, I continued. 'Nice hat', I said as I got off the bus. Her face was a picture..

Logic doesn't tend to be the forte of bigots.

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