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Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'


As a Catholic, I'm absolutely outraged that that utter bollocks of a human being was given a keyboard and internet access. I'm also the proud owner of 6 Raspberry Pi's, a bag of Skittles, a Zippy teddy from my yoof, and a Mrs.Doyle costume that I wore for my stag do in Prague as I'm getting married to a woman next month. So to that gorm, how gay am I?

You know what, I read the whole article and there were two things that really got me thinking. The first being what gay agenda the Raspberry Pi had on my desk, and how the f**k is used. I've signed petitions for various things in the past on that website, but then all I get day in day out is "Why don't you sign this petition to save dogs in Africa" or "Do dying llamas in Tibet mean nothing to you?". Bloody hell, I signed one petition to require cyclists to have insurance and a license and I get all of this blackmail? I digress.

If he was a proper Christian, he'd know the ultimate rule that the world's greatest socialist (that's Jesus, btw) taught was: don't be a dick. Jesus didn't say "God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve", and he definately did not say "Thou shalt not use a Raspberry Pi because it'll make you gay". The ultimate take home message from the Bible is "Don't be a dick". But it pisses me off that the arseholes who attend church on Sunday's, dripping in jewellery and driving their brand new Mercedes Benz cars, turn up because they think by turning up they buy shares in the afterlife. They nod, kneel, chant Amen at various bits and sit their patiently while scripture is read out that basically says "Don't be a dick to your neighbour or the poor bloke on the street. You don't know what they've been through".

The very moment they go out of the church they'll walk past a homeless guy and ignore him. Brilliant. You've spent an hour in church being told to help your fellow man and you walk straight past him. And I bet pounds to doughnuts this utter fucktard of a human being is one of these arseholes.

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