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Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'

Lee D Silver badge

"They want to tell your children it is 'ok to be gay' even if you as a parent work diligently and carefully to put your child on a hetrosexual path."

So... you're saying you want to tell my children that it's NOT okay to be gay?

Way to win over the audience. You can discount my support for such stupid nonsense.

If they were INSTRUCTING your kids to be gay (they're not, the operative word here is 'support' - I 'support' all manner of groups and causes, none of which demand I live their certain lifestyle), then maybe you'd have a case. But they're not.

P.S. I suggest you look into what your school teaches your child. Because I guarantee they WOULD NOT tolerate any speaker, guest, staff or other child telling someone that it wasn't okay to be gay.

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