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VC cash crunch?

If that is your perception, you don't know where to go for funding, your idea is out of fashion, or you don't have a good pitch. I think that the "Class of 2008" storage startups were a good model for how a market can evolve from VC money, and we are now sitting through the ending credits. Remember Whiptail, Nimbus, Starboard, Tegile, Pernix, X-IO, Coraid, and the rest of the "Also rans"? If there is not a lot of appetite for tier 1 storage startups these days, it reflects the saturation of startups for the space.

Class of 2016 appears to be data management. Rubric, Cohesity, Komprise, Catalogic and the rest. Just as in 2011 it wasn't at all clear how the Flash market was going to evolve, the class of 2016 should provide plenty of fodder for snarky commentards and a great place to fling piles of cash in hopes of that 20:1 payout.

After all, a fool and his money are some party.

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