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I agree with almost all of what you said except about us needing to pay more taxes too. I think the most relevant thing to do about taxation is to move back to taxation closer to what it was in the early 1970s. Here in Canada, at least, that would mean lower personal taxation rate for most of the population and higher taxation rate for the wealthy and Corporations. It is very important that corporations are taxed on the tax rate of where that corporation earned its money not where its headquartered. Taxing corps. on where one is headquartered makes no sense and can only be explained as politicians having been bought and paid for to pass such foolishness. Just like the outsourcing of jobs such as call centers and administration of businesses that earn all income in a particular Country, Province, or State or importing workers to do particular jobs because there are skills shortages. I call BS. Most jobs aren't filled because the employer won't pay enough or are easily able to import much cheaper foreign labour. We see this in the Canadian Tarsands or did until the price of oil drop so drastically a few years ago. Much less work there now, I hear.

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