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Ok, where I live, the cost of an employee is 2x the net salary of the employee ....this means that with 10m, you can hire ~200 staff, each @25k a year, after taxes! You will need managers, paid more, and a couple of kernel hackers, paid even more, so, lets say you hire 120 ordinary support staff, 6 managers, 4 highly paid kernel hackers and 10 well paid package maintainers ... you can do this easily with 10m, and have some change for bonuses ... multiply by 10 for 100m (status co) and you could easily fund your GNU/Linux distribution, note that in this case, you even get "help for free" (contributers). Worse, you have FULL CONTROL over the software you deploy.

Sorry, I know this shit!

For those on Windows, hit the "Windows" key, the one with the four squares, type "c" followed by "a", followed by "l" (lower case L, and you are almost there!!!!!), followed by "c" and divide 10 000 000 by 200.

How MS get away with this is beyond me ...

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