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> We already know from the failures and vast migration expenditures at Munich [...]

Ahhh, here we go again... The MS FUDding machine at work. remarkable we never see comparisons, only dogmatic "can't be done"s. So, let me ask you: on what do you base this. I realise you're an AC, but could you share your location, so we know you actually have insight into this German project. Oh, and before you even go there: are you referring to the "reports" in the "news" that local politicians couldn't spell the name of their OS correct, or "reported issues opening their mail"? Because if you do, also please share the fact that many of them were complete computer illiterates, who let us know that they had secretaries to do their office work (including opening mail) while they were spotted having lunch with MS representatives. Meanwhile, all the official systems, you know, the ones keeping citizen records, payments, taxes, all that sort of trivial stuff is running fine on Muniches Linux. Oh, and BTW, I can tell you from personal experience that their speeding ticket management/ system, what-you-called-it is also working fine ☹

Listen, I'm all for makeing the best and most sensible solutions happen. But can we please stop this FUD. FUD was never a good driver, and, mark my words AC, will eventually land you without a job...

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